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COVID house rules 2022

Teacher and pupil commit to the prescribed measures of RIVM.

Main rule: both student and teacher must be healthy!

  • With health problems or doubts about your health you stay at home. If you are fit enough to sing, the lesson can continue online.
  • If the teacher has health problems, but is fit enough to teach, the lessons are given online.
  • When you enter the hall at my house, disinfect your hands.
  • In the classroom a chair is available where you can put your coat and bag.
  • No use of coat rack and toilet.
  • There are two lines on the floor to mark a safe 1.5 meter distance.
  • The student takes care of an extra copy of the sheet music or communicates in advance what he/she wants to work on.
  • Classes take place alternately at home or online.
  • The teacher makes sure that the classroom is well ventilated.
  • There is enough time between lessons, so the student does not have to meet other students.